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The low world is a traitor

"If you had a real understanding, you would turn away from this life, even if it turns to you, because this life is deceptive and lying. She leads those who follow her to disappointment. He who turns away from her, he is preserved. And he who is devoted to it, he is experienced. She is like the viper. His touch is smooth, but his venom is deadly. His pleasures are ephemeral and his days pass like a mirage. Then occupy yourself in this life by obeying God. "

world is a traitor


A long-standing custom among Muslims is to place a well-chewed piece of date (or a piece of another sweet seasonal fruit) in the mouth of a newborn baby. Muslims do this to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) because they firmly believe, as the Qur'an mentions, that he was sent to heal humanity and to spread the mercy of God on earth. By its origin, this custom has more than one virtue. In addition to the virtue and pleasure of following the sounnah (the way of life of the Prophet), inserting a sweet substance into a newborn's mouth greatly reduces the pain and heart rate.

An interesting medical study, published in the British Medical Journal (No. 6693, dated June 10, 1995), has proven beyond doubt the benefits of giving sugar to a newborn to reduce sensation in a procedure. painful, such as stinging in the heel to take a blood sample, or before circumcision.

The study, titled "The Successful Analgesic Effect of Sucrose in Completed Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial," was conducted by Nora Haouari, Christopher Wood, Gillian Griffiths, and Malcolm Levene in the Leeds General Infirmary Postnatal Hall. , in England.

60 healthy newborns, whose gestation duration was 37 to 42 weeks, and postnatal age 1 to 6 days randomly received 2ml of one of the following four solutions: sucrose 12.5% ​​dilution, sucrose 25%, 50% sucrose, and sterile water (control group).

The first group of 30 babies received sugar syrup before a routine blood test (which was to sting their heels, which is usually painful) to detect jaundice. The other 30 babies in the control group were given only sterile water.

Placing 2ml of a 25% or 50% sucrose solution on the baby's tongue before stinging it in the heel significantly reduced the duration of crying, compared to babies who received only water. Their heart rate also returned to normal more quickly. The stronger concentration solution had more effect, the duration of crying decreasing as the concentration of sucrose increased. Thus, we can conclude that placing sucrose (sugar) on the tongue of newborns can be a useful and safe form of analgesic.

Blass and Hoffmeyer also demonstrated that an intraoral 12% solution of sucrose significantly reduced the duration of crying in neonates subjected to heel prick or circumcision. This study appeared in The Independent (in its edition of Friday, June 9, 1995) as well as in an article in the British Medical Journal.

This practice of the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) is reported in the collections of his words and stories related to him, the most esteemed of which are the two authentic collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Abu Bouradah relates that Abu Musa said:

"My wife gave birth to a newborn; I brought him to see the prophet Mohammed, who decided to call him Ibrahim. The prophet chewed a date and then took it between his fingers and rubbed the inside of the baby's mouth. "

Several other similar stories have also been reported.

The date contains a very high percentage of sugar (70 to 80%); it contains both fructose and glucose with high caloric values. It is also easily and quickly digestible, and is very beneficial to the brain. The date contains 2.2% protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 and tryptophan (against pellagra); it contains traces of minerals essential for the body such as potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, manganese and copper.

It can also be noted that the Sunnah recommends dates when the fast breaks during the month of Ramadan. It is recommended to eat dates before the sunset prayer; from a medical and nutritional point of view, it is the ideal and in addition, it is the sounnah.

The great value of the dates is also mentioned in a beautiful passage well known from the Koran, in the Surah Maryam, verses 25-26:

"And shake towards you the trunk of the palm tree; fresh and ripe dates will fall. Eat and drink, and rejoice. (Quran 19: 25-6)

This was the prescription God, the Creator, made to the Virgin Mary when she gave birth to Jesus, the blessed prophet of God. It was a prescription to make childbirth easy and to reduce discomfort.

As the authors of the medical study had suggested that they intended to test new sugary substances, we allow ourselves to offer them to try


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