nahjul balagha urdu quotes

nahjul balagha urdu quotes

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nahjul balagha urdu quotes

nahjul balagha urdu quotes

Every guy has an end ,it could be best or sorrowful.  Absolutely everyone who's born has to die and once lifeless he's as excellent as he had never got here into existence.   Demise is so near and time for pleasant actions in life is so confined. Death is never very a ways.  How i'm wondering at the conceitedness of a haughty and vain man or woman. Yesterday he become simplest a cell and the next day he will be a dead body. I wonder at the person who see people loss of life round him and but has forgotten his stop.  Each breath which you take is a step you recommend closer to death.  Something which may be counted or reckoned is finite and could come to an cease.nahjul balagha urdu quotes

Glad is the person who always kept the lifestyles after death in his view, who remembered the day of  Reckoning through all his deeds, who led a cheerful lifestyles and who became glad with the lot God hath destined for him.   Peoples in this global are like travelers whose journey goes on though they're asleep (lifestyles's adventure goes one though men might not experience it). Person who develops the trait of greediness and avarice invites degra dation; one who keeps on advertising and marketing his poverty and ill-good fortune will constantly be humiliated; person who has no manipulate over his tongue have to face embarrassment and discomfort.

Surrender and acceptance to the will of God are the high-quality companions; information is the noblest heritage; theoretical and sensible expertise are best marks of difference.  A wiseman's mind is the safest custody of secrets and techniques;an open and best countenance receives greater pals;endurance and forbearance will conceal and cover many defects.   A conceited and self-admiring individual is disliked by using others;charity and alms are the first-rate treatments for illnesses and calamities; one has to face it after lifestyles the deeds that he has executed in this world.

Guy is the extraordinary creature, he sees through layers of fats (fatty tissues), he hears via a bone, he speaks thru a lump of flesh (tongue).  While this international favors all people it lends qualifications, attributes and surpassing deserves of others, and whilst it turns its face far from him it snatches away even his personal excellence and repute. Deal with people in this kind of manner and live among them in this sort of way that  if you die they weep over you, if you are alive they crave in your organization.nahjul balagha urdu quotes
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