nahjul balagha meaning in urdu and english - islamic state

nahjul balagha meaning in urdu and english - islamic state

Anti-hit and removes the scriptures. Ali said.nahjul balagha
Greedy is always a slavery. The result of embarrassment is shame, and the result of careful concern is security.nahjul balagha

It is not good to silence from the wise thing, which is not a matter of ignorance. When there are two different invitations, then one of them will surely be invited to error. Since I have shown the truth, I never tried it. No I have lied, nor have I been told false information. No, I myself am astray, or I have been misguided. The person who initiates the initiative will cut my hand with my teeth, from the total mood.nahjul balagha

Running is near.

The one who turns away from the right, destroys it. Since patience does not give up, it makes a deadly kill. O son of Adam! The amount that you earn from your cage is the treasure of others. There is a tendency for you to move forward, move ahead and move back, then work with them at the time when they desire it, because the heart is forced If you do not do it, do not worry about it.nahjul balagha

nahjul balagha

When anger comes to me, when should I get angry anger when I do not take revenge and say that be patient. Or when the power of revenge is strengthened and it is said that it is better to read. You are not alone, which is a source of advice and advice for you. These hearts tackle the way the body tires. So when you are there, look for a little bit for them.

There are two angels with each human being. nahjul balagha.Who protect it. When the time of death comes, they get lost between him and death. And indeed, man is under the age of man, on a strong basis.nahjul balagha


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