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islamic symbol The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, "The month of rajab is the month of blessing for mankind." Someone asked him why the Prophet Just when the matter reached here, Imam Jafar al-Islam said, "This month, Allah called his beloved on the Throne and in the same month Allah's lord Ali Ibn Abi Talib Ali (Allah) sent down the earth." The person who sees the moon of this month will give up the seventh time, whether it is in the reward or in the absence of it.islam symbol



L'Imam Jafar Sadiq a déclaré: "Le mois de Rajab est le mois de la bénédiction de Dieu sur l'humanité." Quelqu'un lui a demandé pourquoi le prophète Juste au moment où et le même mois, le seigneur Ali Ibn Abi Talib Ali (Allah) a envoyé la terre." La personne qui voit la lune de ce mois donnera la septième fois, que ce soit dans la récompense ou en l’absence.islamic


Imam al-Islam dixit vir ad Rajab mense et mense benedictionem a Deo. A filio puchh ex causa legati. Homo qui persequuntur Nad E-tempus recitantur ad Eiusdem mentem Ali lunae mensis erit utrum vel non Allaah concessum est donum Dei.islamic
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Sinabi ni Imam Jafar Sadiq, ." May nagtanong sa kanya kung bakit ang Propeta Bago dumating ang bagay na ito, sinabi ni Imam Jafar al-Islam, "Sa buwan na ito, tinawag ng Allah ang kanyang minamahal sa Trono at sa parehong buwan ang panginoon ng Allah na si Ali Ibn Abi Talib Ali (Allah) ay nagpadala ng lupa." Ang taong nakikita ang buwan ng buwan na ito ay magbibigay sa ikapitong oras, maging sa gantimpala o sa kawalan nito.islamic


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