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From the servant of Allah, `Ali, the Commander of the trustworthy, to the humans of Kufah who are essential among the supporters and chiefs of the Arabs.

Now, i am apprising you of what happened `Uthman so (successfully) that its listening to can be like its seeing. Humans criticised him, and i used to be the best man from some of the muhdjirun 

(immigrants) who asked him to searching for to meet (the Muslims) maximum and to offend them the least. As for Talhah and az-Zubayr, their lightest step about him become difficult and their softest voice become robust. `A'ishah too turned into in a rage with him. Consequently, a collection overpowered him and killed him. Then, human beings swore allegiance to me, not by using force or compulsion but obediently and out of unfastened wil

You should recognize that Medina has been vacated by using its citizens and that they have abandoned it. It's far boiling like a massive cooking pot and rebel is constant on its axis transferring with complete force. So, hasten closer to your amir (commander) and continue ahead to combat your enemy, if so wills Allah to Whom belongs might and Majesty.

1. Ibn Maythman writes (in Sharh Nahjul Balaghah al-balaghah, vol.Four, that once on listening to approximately the mischief-mongering of Talhah and az-Zubayr, Amir al-mu'minin activate for Basrah, he despatched this letter to the people of Kufah via Imam al-Hasan and `Ammir ibn Yasir from al-Ma' al-`Adhb, at the same time as Ibn Abi'l-Hadid has written (in Sharh Nahjul Balaghah al-balaghah, vol.14, pp.Eight, sixteen; at-Tabari, vol.; and Ibn al-Athir,  that after Amir al-mu `minin camped at ar-Rabadhah, he sent this letter thru Muhammad ibn Ja'some distance ibn Abi Tilib and Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr. On this letter, Amir al-mu 'minin has sincerely thrown light at the factor that the assassination of `Uthman became the result of the efforts of `A'ishah, Talhah and az-Zubayr, and that it become they who took a outstanding part in it. In reality, `A'ishah went beyond her bounds and exposed his shortcomings in public meetings and ordered that he should be killed. Thus, ash-Shaykh Muhammad `Abdub has written:

Once `Uthman changed into on the pulpit while Umm al-mu `minin `A'ishah took out the footwear and the shirt of the Prophet (may additionally Allah bless him and his descendants) from underneath her veil and said: "those are the footwear of the Messenger of Allah and his blouse, not but decayed, while you have altered his religion and modified his sunnah." Upon this, warm phrases the and  followed between them whilst she said, "Kill this Na'thal,"symbolizing him as a protracted bearded Jew (of that call). (Nahjul Balaghah al-bala- ghah, revealed in Egypt, vol.2, p.Three; additionally see Ansab al-ashraf, vol.Five, p.88; Abu'l-Fida',.

Human beings were already displeased with `Uthman, so this occasion accelerated their boldness and that they surrounded him in order that he may mend his methods or abdicate from the caliphate. In these situations, there was extreme apprehension that if he did now not receive either of the 2 options he would be killed. All this changed into observed through `A'ishah, but she paid no heed to it and, leaving him inside the siege, decided to leave for Mecca, although on this occasion Marwan ibn al-Hakam and `Attab ibn Asid did say to her, "if you delay your departure it's miles viable his existence can be saved and this crowd may additionally disperse" whereupon she stated that she had determined to head for hajj (pilgrimage) and that that couldn't be changed. Then Marwan recited this couplet by using manner of a proverb:
Qays set hearth to my towns, and after they came into flames he slipped away saving himself clear of it.

Similarly, Talhah and az-Zubayr were (also) in rage against him and that they have been ever forward in fanning this fireplace and intensifying the competition. From this attitude they were, to a remarkable volume, taking part in his assassination and chargeable for his blood. Other people additionally knew them on this angle and appeared them as his murderers, even as their supporters too have been now not capable of offer any explanation (for absolving them). For that reason, Ibn Qutaybah writes that after al-Mughirah ibn Shu'bah met `A'ishah at Awtas he requested her:
"O' Umm al-mu'minin, in which are you bound for." She spoke back, "i'm going to Basrah." He inquired for what purpose and she or he answered, "To avenge `Uthman's blood." He stated, "however his assassins are with you." 

Then he became to Marwan and enquired wherein he was going. He spoke back that he too turned into going to Basrah. He enquired the motive and the respond turned into "to avenge `Uthman's blood." Then he said, "Uthman's assassins are with you. These Talhah and az-Zubayr have killed him." (al-Imamah changed into `siyasah, vol.

Anyways, while, after laying the blame on Amir al-mu'minin, this organization who had killed `Uthman reached Basrah, Amir al-mu'minin also rose to quell this mischief and wrote this letter to the people of Kufah to are seeking their aid. Upon this their opponents and warriors rose in huge numbers and enlisted in his navy. They faced the enemy with complete braveness which Amir al-mu'minin additionally acknowledged. Consequently, the letter hereafter is in acknowledgement of this very fact
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