ISLAM AND SLAVERY QUTB PREFACE the majority of the contemporary "knowledgeable" humans are nowadays faced with a non secular disaster.ISLAM AND SLAVERY
 Is faith simply a reality of lifestyles? It would have been one inside the past, but does it nevertheless stay so within the global of today when technology has changed the whole route of life, and while there is no place in it for some thing keep technology and what scientific records approve of? Does religion represent a actual want of humanity?ISLAM AND SLAVERY

 Or is it some thing utterly established upon the temperamental charter of an individual so that one may not believe in it as there is no difference between the 2 states of belief and unbelief '? Speaking approximately Islam they betray a similar nation of highbrow crisis while the missionaries of Islam tell them that Islam isn't always a trifling creed, nor does it constitute truly an edification of souls, or a refinement and education of human virtues but is rather a harmonious complete that also consists of a just monetary gadget, a properly-balanced social organisation, codes of civil, crook in addition to worldwide regulation, & philosophical outlook upon lifestyles at the side of a machine of physical education, all of those flowing from the identical fundamental creed of Islam and its ethical and religious temperament. ISLAM AND SLAVERY

Once they listen all this, those "knowledgeable" people are greatly perplexed, for they supposed that Islam had for the reason that lengthy ceased to exist because it has turn out to be outdated and had exhausted all its usefulness. That is why they may be surprised after they pay attention religious Muslims announcing that Islam does now not belong to a remote past, it is not obsolete or antiquated but is a residing and flourishing gadget of existence even at the existing moment, because it holds inside itself such factors of existence as no different device acknowledged to humanity does together with socialism in addition to communism or any other gadget. 

At this their wonder exceeds limits, they could no more comprise themselves, in order that they scream at those preachers of Gods phrases:
 Do you inform us all this approximately the faith that approves of slavery, feudalism and capitalism-the device which holds that lady is only a half-man and imprisons her inside her household; which prescribes such punishments as stoning to demise, mutilation and whipping; which shall we its humans live on charity; which splits them up into different classes, a few exploiting the opposite; a system which offers no safety of decent residing to the toiling human beings; and a system which is such and such, how is it viable that this sort of system must even keep its very own today, let alone its survival inside the future? Now not to speak of its triumph and contending successfully, how can one of these gadget even preserve out in the ruthless ideological battle occurring at gift amongst unique modern socio-economic structures? Before proceeding similarly let us, but, pause awhile and notice as to who these "knowledgeable" skeptics are? Whence does their skepticism originate? Is that this mind-set of thoughts a result in their personal unfastened questioning or are they simply parroting the words of different, without even a lot as information them? The reality is that the skepticism exhibited by those gentlemen isn't always at all a end result of their very own unbiased wondering, nor did it originate of their personal minds as such. For its actual supply we win have to move back a little over the records of modern-day instances.ISLAM AND SLAVERY
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