ISLAM THE MISUNDERSTOOD RELEGION MUHAMMED KUTUB http://www.Myislamicnews.Com CONTENTS 1. Preface 2. Is religion Antiquated? 3. Islam and Slavery four. Islam and Feudalism five. Islam and Capitalism 6. Islam and personal possession 7. Islam and The magnificence machine eight. Islam and Alms nine. Islam and girl 10. Islam and The concept of Punishment eleven. Islam and Civilization 12. Islam and Reactionarism 13. Islam and Sexual Repression 14. Islam and Freedom of concept 15. Faith: The Opium of the humans? Sixteen. Islam and Non-Muslim! Communities 17. Islam and Idealism 18. Islam and Communism 19.

 What next? PREFACE TO THE sixth edition As I wrote this e book over time I did now not entertain the hope that it'd elicit the sort of warm reception and appreciation, And whilst it went to the clicking again and again once more I thanked God and felt grateful to the readers who took a lot hobby inside the contents of this book. I used to be, however, beginning to feel that within the future this e book need no longer be republished, For, for my part, we had higher no way some element wonderful about Islam itself inside the context of the various fields of existence it embraces, and the positivity and the supervisory person that its regulation enjoys with regard to realistic lifestyles, as i've tried within the books appearing after the present one, in preference to restricting our efforts to defending it against the diverse doubts given currency to by its enemies as a way to confuse and throw us on the defensive. However when I read the orientalist Mr.
 Wilfred Cantwell smith’s e book "Islam in current records", and discovered that the writer had in three places cited this book of mine in words so indignant and disparaging that got here very near to openly calling names. I decided that the book that had roused the anger of a rancorous crusader to such an extent ought to stay in movement and be posted again and again again. All my thanks are because of Allah; His Grace alone brings succor. 
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