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Islam is a monotheistic religion that the last of the apostles and prophets ,Mohammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib, the Prophet (sawa) said the men last inspiration was taken from the Book ( the Quran is based on the teachings of the Quran). The worldly wise and religious faith from the beginning of Islam (and last religion optimization according to Muslim doctrine), 610 to632 AD the land by God to Mohammad peace be upon wa sallam in over 23 years long inspired (Qur'an). The Koran was revealed in Arabic (for example: Al-Qaysan al-Quran) and in the same language any of the world's total population As many as 1.6 to 1.8 billion people read this; 24% of them, as well (in different sources) are only 20 to 30 million whose mother tongue is Arabic and 70 to 80 million , non-Arab or alien The mother tongue is someone other than Arabic. Contrary to other personal books from many personal sources, the revelation of the revelation, the book written by the mouth of the individual single (Muhammad SAW), gives guidance and guidance to follow this book. thelaw are two resources which are considered the source of the information. More ...

Quran  Pak 

Quran or Quran ( ArabicQuran in Arabic ) is the sacred book of Muslims , which is the word of Allahand in the Arabic language the last prophet came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the last 23 years Quran revealed to the process of Revelation is called the revelation of God and the holy angels GabrielThe Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) revealed to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) There has been no reduction in the Qur'an till today and it has become the world's only old book, whose content could not be changed and despite the number of millions in the world, its text is the same. Its layout is not elaborate, but according to the narrative of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) of the Caliphate combines it. His work led him to prove bin Zaid RA ky.qran the first translation of Salman Farsi said. This Surah al-Fatihaa from Arabic to PersianI was translation. The Quran also has the status of the only book in the world that millions of people remember oral. The previous divine books such as the Bible , Torah and Psalms confirming etc. It is a matter of fact that many of these books have a huge number of changes. Full Article

The mosque of the Muslims is called the mosque. The literal meaning of 'Mosque' mosque means 'place to prostrate'. It is used in most languages of Muslims including Urdu. This is Arabic word. In English and European languages, Mosque is used for it, although some Muslims now use 'Mosque' in English and other European languages. These are historically important in many references, such as worshiping For the purpose of gathering of Muslims, for educational purposes, even in the early times of Muslim, mosque mosque has also been used to meet and discuss the delegation coming from non-countries. The Muslim universities (universities) have also borne from mosques (gathering of mosques). Apart from this, Islamic style construction has also been mainly the promotion of mosques.


Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque , also known as the Blue Mosque Malaysian city ofShah Alam is a mosque. It is one of the largestmosques inMalaysia and the largestmosque inSoutheast Asia . The most important feature of the mosque is its blue and charming dome , with its diameter 170 feet and 350 feet long. It is one of the large dams of mosques around the world. The four corners of the mosque have high floors , each of which has a height of 460 feet. It is Malaysia's only mosque with four main halls. The order of the construction of this mosque was given on 14 February 1974 by Sultan Salehuddin Abd al-Aziz , when he slammed Shah Alam toAs a new capital. The construction of the mosque was completed on March 11, 1988 . It has a capacity of 16,000 worshipers. Full Article


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