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Hazrat Ali Caliph 

Shiite school of the priestGod 's Son, scribes Revelationthe Sunni fourth near the Caliph , Hazrat Fatima (spouse and eleven QShia imams are father and grandfatherAccording to all Shia and most Sunnah scholars, your birth was within Ka'ba . When the Prophet (peace be upon him) proclaimed his prophecy, you believed in the firstAccording to Shia, you are the successful harvesters of God, the Messenger of God, which declared Prophet Muhammad on different occasions in his lifeYour perfection in the light of the clear verses of Quran is provenAccording to Shia Sunni commentators, almost 300 verses of the QuranYou are in good standingSuddenly, you saved the Messenger of Allah, on the bed of the Messenger of GodIn Madina, when the belief of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was established between the Muslims, then the Messenger of God declared you as his brotherYou were the Holy Soldier of Islam, and all the slogans with the prophet Akram except for Battle TalabakThe war remained in Medina on the decree of the Messenger of Allah.
After the reign of Rasoolullah and Abu Bakr 's caliph, you chose to sign up for 25 years, but did not hesitate to advise him during the period of KhalifaHazrat Uthman due to the insistence of Muslims after the murder of your government took office.
In addition to your virtues, many Hadiths were clarified for other personalitiesEspecially the Umayyad dynasty in the era were cast on the numbers on the orders of Muawiyah and dmkayagya but he or threatened not only your fans would be locked in prisons or killing them, even ones Children were also forbidden to keep the name "Ali".
Many scholars, including words , interpretation, and jurisprudencereach you, and different ways get different from your ownYou were a very brave, well-respected, kindergarten, kindergarten, and loving-kind, and a helperYou were very strictly with chances and reminded people about the rights of the government and the rest of the country, and continued to be firmly enforced forever

·         1version, abbreviation and title
o        1.1titles richer
o        1.2ringtones
·         2Biographies
o        2.1Childhood periods
o        2.2Education and training
o        2.3Physical attributes
·         3brothers and sisters
o        3.1children
·         Participation in4Jihad
o        4.1warfare
o        4.2war crimes
o        4.3Battle Khandaq (Ahzab)
o        4.4Battle Khyber
o        4.5Victor Mecca
o        4.6Battle Hunen
o        4.7Battle Taboo
·         5argument imam
o        5.1The submission
o        5.2Eventually
o        6.1Space Trial Period
o        6.2allegiance
o        Koran6.3
·         Government during7
o        7.2Equity
o        7.5military structure
o        7.6volunteers and workers
o        7.7wars
o        7.9Battle Swine (Qasin)
o        7.10War Nirvana (Murders)
·         8testimony
o        8.1wishes
o        8.2 Thegrave is hidden
·         9virtues and chances
o        9.1The Mubahila
o        9.2Appendix
o        9.3 Modify theverse
o        9.4Muslim First
§         9.5.1verse and its splendor
o        9.7Rejected
o        9.9Hadith
·         10academic services
o        10.1Knowledge Word
o        10.2Knowledge Sciences
o        10.3interpretation
o        10.4Knowledgeable
o        10.5Arabic Literature
o        10.6Focus and Breeding
·         11moral features
o        11.2Amount
o        11.3Neutral Physics
o        11.4Subah Allah per Jihad
o        11.5Shujaat
o        11.6Worship
o        11.7piety
·         12Archives and Attractions
o        12.1Najj al-Wahlahah
·         13verses
·         14more studies
·         15references
·         16source
·         17external links
Comparison, patriotism and title
·         Narrated: Abu bin Abi Talib bin Abdulmutbal bin Hashim bin Abadnaf bin Kasi bin KulabHashmi is Qarishi.
·         Dad Majid: Your father Majid Hazrat Abu Talib was very respectful among a generous and righteous person and ArabHe was from the unclean people of Rasulullah 's uncle and proQuresh . [1] Abu Talib years after God's support and patronage appointment passed with perfect faith in the 10th year of death[2]
·         Mother Majida: Your mother Fatima bin Asad ibn Hashim ibn Abd al-fitr is a mother . [3]
·         Brother: TalibAqeel and Jafar .
·         Sisters: Hindu or Umani , Jamaat, Rai or Um-Talib and Asma[4]
·         KUNET : Abu Abhisin , Abul Hasan, Abu Talib bin, Abul NarainAbu Talab and Abu Talim
TitlesAli , yasub wal-Din , mbyr alsrk ualmsrkyn, killer alnaksyn ualqastyn ualmarqyn, Molly faithful, icon Aaron, Haider Ali, Mawla, أku Messengerspouse albtul , Saifullah almslul, rich albrrة, killer alfjrة, quotient paradise ualnar sir alluaء, Syed Arabs, ksaf alkrbal-Siddiq Akbar , He, Hadieventually , aldaay, alsahd, Bob almdynة, the, executor, judge the religion of Allah, case of an conditional promise, Gabriel Azim, siratal mustaqim ualأ


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