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Lession no 1: Announcement Award Give the guideline | myislamicnews 

Declaration Award 

Give the guideline
Tawheed, Adhaa, Prophethood, Umama, Hour
Each shrewd individual will comprehend the astuteness of the universe, when it is uncovered in the presence of the universe, it will be uncovered that there is no narrow minded presence, and animals are unconscious of the animals, yet a Creator, the Creator, the Wise. It involves truth that the Prophet (harmony and favors of Allah arrive) stated: indeed, every item is approached time everlasting and each animal is the reason of its maker's presence. A couple normally acknowledged contentions are energized in the proof of apology and matchless quality of the Lord of the universe.


There are six contentions of God's uprightness and benevolence
1 If God had an accomplice then because of that, the world would make debasement.
2 Company is God's blame and can not be in blunder mistake.
3 All the offspring of Benjamin originate from the Lord of the One God. The individuals who collectively educated about its spread. On the off chance that there were different divine beings, you would likewise send yourself a message from the prophet Verse.
4 If two Gods are obliged, at that point one God will have the capacity to have the intensity of the other God, or in the event that he is capable, the presence of God might be pardoned. Furthermore, if its all the same to you, God can not be the person who is frail
5 The prophet said to him, "I don't have an accomplice," he stated, "In the event that it is a lie, it is a mix-up to lie and lie in mistake, and in the event that the fact of the matter is stated, It is demonstrated that God isn't an accomplice.
6 There is a separation between two things. On the off chance that their questions are joined together, if there are two Gods. The harvest between them will doubtlessly be antiquated. Albeit nobody has guaranteed it, and in the event that anybody claims it, the continuation will be fundamental. Which is the point.
It implies that each work of God is as per its knowledge and equivalent to the chance and place of love. It might be savagery of its activities. This is the outcome that worker is in charge of his activities and is in charge of him.
God does not discuss learning that is out of line. Here are the contentions.
First: The bad behavior can not be ascribed to God.
Second: persecution is because of any need and God isn't powerless
I: Opposition is caused by any need and God isn't powerless.
Som; If God has prohibited others to persecute, at that point by what method will you foul up yourself?
Fourth: All the things which God has uncovered, he has given news of being great.
Palm. The all inclusive arrangement of things is unmistakably noticeable to God.
Assume: If there is a plausibility of bad behavior for God, at that point there will be trust in its fact.
Every one of the Prophets and Mercedes have turned out to be out of date and utilized by God, and most are qualified for them, and the books and the sacred writings that are uncovered to them are allahsubah. Furthermore, whatever supernatural occurrences they are expecting and their favors are referenced in the stanzas and the Hadiths, all are right. All Prophets are unadulterated from blamelessness, Mahad to the eyes, and there is nothing amiss with any prophet. There are no claim to fame identified with hypertension or maladies that are simply derisive. For instance, the dead body .winged creature. Quiet and so on.


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