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Hazrat ali 

The greatest sin is to be viewed as Hola Sabak 

The Lord did not organization the oblivious of the insensible until the point when the goer did not vow to educate them. 

The most exceedingly terrible sibling is the person who needs to endure. Sayyid Rizvi says that in view of the agony more trouble because of outrage and trouble for the sibling, he will get injured. That is the reason they are terrible. 

At the point when an adherent settles on any of his siblings, it will be a reason for energy. 

The Mujahideen who is martyred in the method for God isn't meriting more reward than an individual who is fit for having force and expert, is it far superior to end up a blessed messenger of decontaminated heavenly attendants 

Qatan is a venture that does not reach an end 

It isn't great to quiet the shrewdness, as it isn't great to chat with numbness 

Two kinds of individuals will bite the dust in my life. Expanding in affection. Another lie-inspirator. 

There are two travelers who are not greet, understudy and understudy world 

The first faqroghna (in the Hour) will be after the nearness of Allah. 

It is a disrespect of the individual who is in peril of ignoring you with a lie, and bowing towards what is unfaithful to you. 

The individual who does not snicker on occasion, but rather that he isolates a piece of his psyche into his own. 

The individual who has the pleasure of self-assurance will think about his very own mental dissatisfaction 

The individual who gives incredible significance to the enduring issue. Allah makes it troublesome for you. 

Individuals don't know about what they don't know 

Keep in mind the finish of the desire and the rest of the ministers 

The arrangement is of two sorts, one who gets himself, and one who is looked for, as the world is looking for death is looked for death. Regardless of whether the world uncovered it out, and whoever wants the Hereafter, the world thinks that its, regardless of whether he achieves it to all his ways. 

Upon the arrival of Judgment, the best individual will be of the individual who has gotten the merchandise by defying Allah, and he is a beneficiary who is just obeying Allah, with the goal that he may enter Paradise Have occurred, and above all else you have gone to hellfire 

The individual who manages his supplication with a devotee, as though he presented his objection to Allah. Furthermore, whoever acts before the heathens, he has grumbled about his God. 

Not reasonable for a hireling to confide in two things. A wellbeing and riches since you were taking a gander at somebody solid, presently observing it turns out to be sick when you see it, and now you were seeing it more extravagant to end up powerless and poor.


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